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Our strategy revolves around transforming your concept into digital solutions that are reliable and robust. Stunning designs and bespoke customer experience is at the forefront of our endeavour and you can trust us to be your partner in growth.


Thank you Nodes Digital for the amazing job automating the Pipeline reporting for us, connecting the 2 interfaces together! The whole experience was amazing and thank you for the constant support through the project. Your Teams’ abilities to cater to our needs was above and beyond!

Mortoza Shuhan

Manager, Customer Program II, Incora, 32nd avenue, Lachine, QC  H8T 3H7 Canada,


IJTB is using the Journal management System (NJMS) developed Nodes Digital. The overall performance of the software system is excellent so is the after sales and maintenance support. NJMS allows efficient editorial flow and integration with other services. The submission system is very consistent and we have received excellent reviews from our readers, authors and external editors. I am happy to recommend NJMS to other publishers and educational institutions.

Dr. Attila Polya

Executive Editor and Professor, University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Editor International Journal of Technology for Business (IJTB), Chemicka 1030/7, 831 04 Bratislava Nove-Mesto, Slovakia.


Nodes Digital have been very helpful in providing software development and automation services. They are very customer centric and have excellent understanding of academic work and publishing work-flow. I fully recommend them.

 Nestor Flores Hurtado
Manager, Robinbook S.L., Spain.




We have worked with Nodes Digital on multiple research and technology management projects. I am happy to share that Nodes Digital has excellent research and technology management capacity relevant to software development, Technology Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Renewable Energy Solutions. In addition, Nodes Digital has worked as our partner in successful Research Proposal Preparation for European Union funded projects under the program “Horizon 2020”.

Fahim Chowdhury

Consultant, Technovative Solutions (TVS), Rutherford House, Pencroft Way, Manchester Science Park, Manchester, UK



I am happy to recommend services offered by Nodes Digital. I have found specialists at Nodes Digital to have excellent proficiency in research project management, technology lifecycle assessment, and environmental analysis.

Dr. Nidhu lal Banik

Nuclear Safegurds and Decommisioning, European Commission,Stutensee, Baden-Württemberg, Germany



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