Recent Work

Nodes Agro Tech

Nodes Agro Tech is an online Precision Agriculture Prototype System developed by Nodes Digital Limited primarily for demonstration and dissemination purpose. The software system involves collecting sensor data from EC sensor and using a novel model (based on an algorithm customized for brinjal) to suggests water usage and fertilizer requirement.

Baseline data of ideal/required moisture level and key soil nutrients including- Nitrogen; Phosphorous; Potassium, for the entire brinjal cultivation lifecycle has been compiled. For clarification, the entire lifecycle of brinjal cultivation can be divided into 4 stages. Nutrient and moisture data has been collected from farm field using Electrochemical and Moisture sensors at various time periods. A “Work-in-Progress” algorithm has been developed to interpret the farm data with the baseline data to provide predictive recommendation regarding the use of Urea, Muriate of Potash and Water.


NJMS - Journal Management System (EU)

Nodes Digital developed and marketed a Journal Management System is based on Open Journal System (OJS). The system is built to accommodate small and medium size publishers to realize open access policy without any hassle or worrying about technical details. University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia and Springwish Publisher, Slovakia are currently using the system. The software is a comprehensive tool for managing entire submission and editorial workflow and publishing articles and issues online. It offers the following features: 1) Flexible and configurable editorial workflow; 2) Online submission and management of all content 3) Integrated with scholarly publishing services such as Crossref, ORCiD, and DOAJ.

Technology and Research Management Services for Technovative Solutions (UK)

Nodes Digital has worked on multiple projects with UK based firm Technovative Solutions (TVS). Nodes Digital provided outsourced services such as database development and Life cycle assessment (LCA) of new technology including manufacturing and renewable energy solutions. In addition, Nodes Digital provided research consultancy and research proposal preparation for multiple European Union funding Calls such “Horizon 2020”. It should be mentioned Technovative Solutions (TVS) has a diverse expertise in measurement and monitoring system, machine learning and AI, software development and solutions including cloud computation and deployment, industrial ontology, IoT, decision support system, design optimisation, knowledge based engineering, process automation, life cycle analysis, life cycle cost analysis, sustainability and geothermal energy etc.

Automation project for Incora (Canada)

Nodes Digital Limited worked as a service provider for an automation project for Incora, Canada. The client is part of Wesco Aircraft Hardware Corporation, distributor and global provider of innovative supply chain solutions in the aerospace, industrial equipment, automotive and pharmaceutical industry.  The project included automating pipeline reporting for multiple interfaces and heterogeneous software systems.

    Scholarship Portal

    Nstudy developed by Nodes Digital is a scholarship portal that allows browsing scholarship information globally. The website is continuously updated and provides suggestion on how to avail scholarship. The portal is very user friendly and includes wide range of scholarship information. The service provided in Nstudy is for the betterment of the global student community.

    Nodes Podcast Player

    The mobile android application is available in Google Play Store. The app is developed and owned by Nodes Digital Limited and supports searching and listening to millions of podcasts and episodes worldwide for free. The app is developed using Java programming language and has backend Content Management System (CMS). The app is very user friendly and allows users to download episode globally.

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