Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD)

Smart Alternate Wetting and Drying System, an IOT-based solution for intelligent irrigation system was created for a better farming experience. The technology used by this system allows its users to monitor, make real-time decisions and implement those throughout the entire irrigation process of rice cultivation.

Benefits of AWD


  • - Grain quality and its nutritional value
  • - Revenue
  • - Chances to predict failures
  • - Chances of achieving Sustainable Development Goals

  • - Water usage by 30-40%
  • - Greenhouse emissions in rice cultivation
  • - Flooding which improves soil structure
  • - Chances of diseases and pesticides

  • - Farming experience
  • - Technological advancement in this field
  • - Management practices for farmers
  • - Coordination between stakeholders

  • - To cuts down on costs e.g. maintenance costs for diesel pumps
  • - To save energy
  • - Reduce presence of mosquitos and other insects
  • - Reduce fuel cost

Take a look at our Technology

What is AWD?

  • Alternate wetting and drying (AWD) is a water-saving technology
  • Lowland (paddy) rice farmers can apply this to reduce their water use in irrigated fields
  • AWD makes use of reengineered smart pipes
  • These pipes are software generated and use IOT based sensors
  • AWD is also powered by renewable energy sources
For this project, Nodes Digital has developed a mobile application. Through its use-

  • Farmers can view the irrigation process
  • Farmers can determine water demand and critical growth stage of rice
  • Farmers can complete the entire irrigation process with a few clicks on their phones

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