e-Irrigation is an IoT-based intelligent irrigation solution based on alternate wetting and drying (AWD) process

IoT Sensor Package

Automated Irrigation

Machine Learning Analytics

Mobile Application

Benefits of e-Irrigation


  • Grain quality and its nutrition
  • Revenue
  • Chances to predict failures
  • Chances of achieving SDGs

  • Water usage by 30-40%
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reliance on rainwater
  • Use of pesticides

  • Farming experience
  • Technological advancement
  • Management practices
  • Stakeholder Coordination

  • Cut down on costs
  • Save energy
  • Mitigate soil erosion
  • Reduce fuel costs

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More about E-irrigation

  • Based on water-saving process developed by International Rice Research Institute & Bangladesh Rice Research Institute.
  • Our technology integrates the traditional AWD pipe with IoT sensors sending real-time information about water and moisture level among other parameters.
  • Data is processed using cloud computing where our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models run.
  • User friendly mobile app for irrigation actions including automatic operation of pumps, growth predictions and overall control.
  • Designed and tested using advanced technologies such as CAD modelling, 3D printing, custom PCB design and best practices in engineering work.

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